The Timeless Teacher Award

The Timeless Teacher Award
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The Timeless Teacher Award from Daily Teaching Tools is an acknowledgment of teachers who have gone above and beyond expectations to make a timeless impact on the lives of kids.

Recipients of this award receive HTML snippets of the award itself (shown here) for placement on the website(s) of their choosing, links from the award back to Daily Teaching to verify authenticity, a full-color, personalized award certificate suitable for printing and framing, and a special spotlight tile in Time for Teachers-- all completely free of cost.

A plaque for this award is entirely optional.  They come in four sizes starting at the price of $39.50.  The price attached to this listing is for a 7” x 9” plaque.

Full details about this award along with how to nominate a teacher for this honor can be found here.

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Price $45.50