The Mechanics Bundle

The Mechanics Bundle
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The Mechanics Bundle contains all eight Mechanics MicroLessons from the Language Arts Presenter series.

If purchased individually, the total cost would be $39.60.  This bundle is now available for the much lower cost of $19.75--a savings of over 50%! 

The titles in The Mechanics Bundle are as follows:

  • Capitalization, Part 1
  • Capitalization, Part 2
  • Using Commas, Part 1
  • Using Commas, Part 2
  • Using Semicolons and Colons
  • Using Quotation Marks
  • Using Apostrophes
  • Using Hyphens and Dashes

The Mechanics Bundle comes with a word search and a crossword puzzle for each MicroLesson.

For screenshots and fully-functioning free trial versions of each MicroLesson, please visit Daily Teaching Tools.

All of the titles in the Language Arts Presenter series are accessible with any of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.  As a result, these apps are compatible with all versions of both Windows and Mac.

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Price $19.75