MicroLesson 22: Using Hyphens and Dashes

MicroLesson 22:  Using Hyphens and Dashes
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Language Arts Presenter:  MicroLesson 22 (see Additional Notes below)

Time required: 25-30 minutes

By the end of this MicroLesson, students will be able to use a hyphen to...

  • separate the parts of a word at the end of the line.
  • punctuate numbers from twenty-one through ninety-nine.
  • punctuate fractions.
  • punctuate certain compound nouns.
  • punctuate compound adjectives used before a noun.
  • separate the first three digits in a telephone number from the last four.

Also, students will be able to use a dash to...

  • express a range of values.
  • add an explanatory word, phrase, or thought to a sentence.

Finally, students will recognize correct punctuation usage in 15 sample sentences.

The Using Hyphens and Dashes, Full Version, comes with a word search and a crossword puzzle.  Additionally, all "Free Trial" stamps have been removed.

With the presentation itself and both puzzles, an entire class period will be needed to complete all of the activities.  


This application is one of the 30 MicroLessons available in the series, Language Arts Presenter.

Each MicroLesson features animated talking avatars who present instructional material to your language arts classes via a smart board or a digital projector.

In addition, these MicroLessons include...

  • definitions and examples.
  • direct instruction.
  • a summary of the instruction (in most MicroLessons).
  • practice quizzes ranging from 5 to 15 questions.
  • an on-screen answer key.
  • a word search and crossword puzzle to extend the mini lesson (the words found in the word search provide the word bank for the crossword puzzle).

Teachers report that during MicroLessons, they...

  • appoint students to be mouse operators while they roam the classroom, keeping a wary eye on the knuckleheads.
  • become dynamic partners with the avatars, giving additional examples of concepts, checking for comprehension, and reading questions and answer choices orally to the class.
  • record scores, grade papers, or even work on lesson plans.

All of the titles in the Language Arts Presenter series are accessible with any of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.  As a result, these apps are compatible with all versions of both Windows and Mac.

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