Common Core Calculator 8

Common Core Calculator 8
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All 5 strands and their associated Common Core State Standards for Language Arts, Grade 8, are included in this time-saving, lesson planning utility.


  • choose a strand from the navigation buttons at the upper left.
  • scan the succinct summaries on the keypads.
  • click the key of your choice to reveal its complete, associated standard.
  • copy and paste the standard in your lesson plans or wherever else you need it.

It’s that easy! 

Subtract some of the tedium from lesson planning, add in the convenience, multiply by the time saved, and the answer is Common Core Calculator 8.

The standards included here are taken from the public domain website sponsored by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers.

This application is compatible with all versions of Windows.  It will NOT run on a Mac, unless your computer is specifically set up for handling executable files.

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