50 RECOGNizers for Windows and Mac

50 RECOGNizers for Windows and Mac
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This collection includes 50 full-color, customizable, PDF award certificates recognizing student excellence. There is a clipart version and a gradient version for each of the following award categories.

Additionally, you may type in the award category of your choice on two of these awards.

  • All A's
  • All A's and B's
  • Best Art Student
  • Best Citizenship Award
  • Best Exceptional Education Student
  • Best Foreign Language Student
  • Best Geography Student
  • Best History Student
  • Best Language Arts Student
  • Best Math Student
  • Best Physical Education Student
  • Best Science Student
  • Generic (Type in What the Award is For)
  • Most Improved Art Student
  • Most Improved Award
  • Most Improved Exceptional Education Student
  • Most Improved Foreign Language Student
  • Most Improved Geography Student
  • Most Improved History Student
  • Most Improved Language Arts Student
  • Most Improved Math Student
  • Most Improved Physical Education Student
  • Most Improved Science Student
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Perfect Attendance Award
  • Student of the Month

All of the awards in this collection are customizable. As a result, the teacher may type in names, categories, dates, and titles. Context-sensitive tool tips are included, making the customization process simple and straightforward.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac

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